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#1 Rated Coach by Golfers Who Have...

A High Handicap

At EJS Golf Academy in Scottsdale, coach Erik specializes in transforming high handicappers into confident golfers. Coach Erik focuses on building consistency into your game by teaching you how to consistently strike the golf ball first.

This means no more topped

golf shots, no more fat golf shots where you hit behind the ball and anything. With my state-of-the-art technology and personalized approach, I ensure that every golfer that comes to see my improves.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO GET WORSE BEFORE YOU GET BETTER! Whether it's in-person for Golf Lessons Scottsdale at my teaching bay in Scottsdale AZ at McCormick Ranch Golf Course or through Online Golf Lessons, I am committed to giving you the consistency you desire!

Reached a Plateau

Do you feel stuck ? Still

hitting golf shots you don't like at times? For golfers experiencing a plateau, you are ready for my breakthrough solutions.

My Scottsdale Golf Lessons and online golf lessons are tailored to identify and overcome your specific challenges.

I want to give you the tools you need to move past your plateau .

Using advanced techniques and tools like the Trackman 4, Dual 3D Pressure Plates, 3D Video and much more I provide targeted coaching to refine your skills.

We'll work together to get you through the challenges you are facing.

Play Competitively

EJS Golf Academy in Scottsdale is the go-to place for competitive golfers aiming for the top. My elite coaching with Scottsdale Golf Lessons

, caters to juniors, collegiate athletes, and professionals.

I focus on getting each golfer to the next level they want to achieve. I work with the parents of juniors and college golfers to get everyone on the same page so that the same message is used all the time.

There is no greater honor for me than helping a junior into the college of their dreams. Offering both Golf Lessons Scottsdale and Online Golf Lessons , I provide the tools and training necessary for you to excel in competitive golf .

Listen to one student's experience with

Coach Erik...


"My goal for every golfer is to eventually have them become their own best golf coach. Imagine being in control of your swing faults, ball flight issues, and how to fix them!"

-Erik Schjolberg, EJS Golf Academy

phone: 480.861.9370 email: [email protected]

Golfers choose EJS Golf because...

Technology-Driven Approach

At EJS Golf, I employ cutting-edge technology like the Trackman 4 Launch Monitor, 3D Pressure Plates, and 3D Video Analysis. This tech-centric approach provides precise, data- driven feedback that is essential for understanding and improving your golf swing

Immediate Improvement Philosophy

I firmly believe and guarantee that every golfer should see improvement from their very first lesson. This stands in contrast to the common, yet flawed notion that golfers must get worse before they get better. My methodology ensures that you see tangible progress right from the outset.

Experience and


With over 25 years of experience coaching PGA Tour Players, college athletes, high-level juniors, and dedicated golfers of all levels, I bring a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record of success. This experience allows me to tailor my coaching to the unique needs and goals of each student.

Focus on Biomechanics and Learning

My favorite topics – golf theory, mindset, anatomy, physics, and the biomechanics of golf – form the foundation of my teaching. Understanding how we learn and change motor patterns is crucial, and I apply this knowledge to help you train more effectively.

Accessibility and


Offering both Scottsdale Golf Lessons and Online Golf Lessons, I make high-quality golf instruction accessible to a wider audience. Whether you're in Scottsdale or anywhere else in the world, you can benefit from my expertise.

Customized Feedback-Driven Approach

My feedback-driven approach is

customized to each golfer, ensuring that the instruction and practice are specifically targeted to address your individual needs and challenges.



Scottsdale Golf Lessons

Schedule a golf lesson with Coach Erik at his teaching bay at the back of the range at McCormick Ranch Golf Club. He offers individual, partner, group, junior, and playing lessons. Looking for something you don't see? Reach out to arrange a customized lesson or package.

Coach Erik with Student on Range
Set up for online videos

Online Golf Lessons

If you don't live in Scottsdale, AZ or don't have availability during daylight hours for a lesson in person, online lessons are a good fit for you. We're no longer limited by distance. By utilizing your cell phone, you can share videos of your swing to get customized feedback and drills to help you reach your goals. We can even set up live lessons via Zoom while you are at the range or using a home set up to give you feedback in real time.

Gift Certificates

Looking for the perfect gift for the golfer in your life? There are a variety of gift certificates you can purchase to give the gift of golf.

Gift bow around a golf ball on a tee
Practice Guide Cover

Free Practice Guide

Learn to practice like the pros. Most people think that "practice" means beating balls at the range. This is not an effective way to practice golf. You can download my FREE practice guide that will give you tips that Golf Professionals use to get the most out of their sessions.

Scottsdale Golf League for Women

A 9-hole golf league for women supporting players of all levels and abilities. We hsot several rounds per month at McCormick Ranch Golf Club. Membership includes many other benefits including discounts on group and individual lessons as well as free webinars and membership in our Duos League.

Member of the Scottsdale Golf League for Women
Two couples around a golf cart

Scottsdale Duos Golf League

A casual, coed league offering monthly events at various local golf courses for golfers looking to meet other golfers in a relaxed environment. Optional ocial events are available after each round.

15-Minute Per Day Practice Program

15-Minutes Per Day

Commitment to Practice

I advocate a manageable and effective practice regimen – just 15 minutes per day – tailored to each golfer's needs. This approach not only respects your time but also ensures consistent, focused practice that leads to real improvement.


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5 Star Student Review

I've taken multiple private lessons with Erik and he's been by far the best swing coach I have ever worked with. He has the ability to dissect your swing and make small changes for big improvements. What I love most about his lessons is they go far beyond the 1 or 2 hours you're with him. He follows up with videos of how you can improve at home and on the range. The value he provides is absolutely worth the cost of his sessions. I would recommend any golfer at any level who truly wants to get better to go see Erik.”

- Reanol H.


Erik is the best! and that is not an exaggeration. There has not been a single lesson where I haven't walked out and felt like a far better golfer than before. What can't be praised enough is the effort and dedication that Eric puts into each of his students, as his approach to fixing and improving my golf swing was specific to me. While teaching, Erik takes the extra time to truly dive into what he is trying to convey rather than just telling you, allowing for a better understanding. Beyond the instruction at the course, Erik sends specific drills to you from an app that allows for slow motion replays, letting you break down everything and work on your game at any time. I genuinely mean it when I say that I would recommend Erik to anyone wanting to improve their golf game, as he is not only a top not instructor but also a top notch person who cares about his students.

- Brennan K.


Erik is flat out a great coach and mentor! I highly recommend him! Working from the ground up, my swing is healthier and smooth! I wanted a coach that shared the same main principles as the late Tony Manzoni and Erik hits the mark! Found Erik by listening to the Golf Smarter podcast by Fred Greene and connected with EJS Golf through the Perfect Motion app. Erik is motivated and incredibly gifted at his craft!

- Bryan B., Indiana, USA

Paragraph quotes

“Erik is one of the most gifted coaches I know, he is blessed with the most important attributes that make a great coach - knowledge, understanding, communication and ambition to learn. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend working with Erik to develop your game”

- Hugh Marr, European Tour Coach


EJS Golf Academy is located at McCormick Ranch G. C. in Scottsdale, AZ. Private golf lessons away from public.

7505 E McCormick Pkwy, Scottsdale, AZ 85258, USA


What Sets EJS Golf Apart in Offering Scottsdale Golf Lessons?

EJS Golf Academy, located at McCormick Ranch Golf Club in Scottsdale, AZ, is renowned for its ability to make golfers better from day one. Led by Coach Erik, a seasoned instructor with PGA Tour coaching experience, guarantees your results.

How do EJS Golf's Online Golf Lessons differ from traditional coaching?

Online Golf Lessons with Coach Erik of EJS Golf allows golfers from all over the world to work with Scottsdale's Top golf coach. Using the latest tech, including 3D mapping, be like Matt R. and drop your handicap from 15 to a 6 in one year. Find out what PGA Tour Professionals know about coach Erik wherever you are.

Are the Golf Lessons Near Me at EJS Golf Suitable for all Skill Levels?

Absolutely! Whether you're a beginner or an advanced player, EJS Golf provides lessons tailored to your skill level. My approach is rooted in biomechanics and modern teaching techniques, making us the no. 1 choice for golfers seeking the best golf instruction in AZ.

Why is Coach Erik Considered Among the Best Golf Instructors in AZ?

Coach Erik's extensive experience, including over 25 years of professional golf coaching, PGA Tour player mentoring, voted no. 1 by those that take golf lessons in Scottsdale and online golf lessons position him as one of the best golf instructors in AZ. His commitment to immediate improvement and a unique feedback-driven practice approach sets him apart.

What advanced technologies are used in EJS Golf's Scottsdale Golf Lessons?

EJS Golf Academy is an elite facility that boasts the best equipment to make golfers better in the area and also for online golf lessons. I use cutting-edge technologies like the Trackman 4 Launch Monitor, 3D video analysis, 3D Dual Foce Plates, wrist sensors by HackMotion and much more. These tools allow us to provide precise, data-driven feedback to enhance your learning experience and rapidly improve your skills.


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