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Why Book A Lesson with Coach Erik

Unparalleled Expertise and Approach

Find out why I stand apart as a golf instructor. With over 25 years of experience, my approach to coaching is uniquely effective, focusing on immediate improvement without the traditional setbacks. I invite you to explore why booking a lesson at EJS Golf is the key to unlocking your true potential in golf. A few thoughts:

Immediate Improvement: Unlike other coaches who suggest that golfers might get worse before they get better, my philosophy is grounded in immediate improvement. From our very first meeting, the focus is on enhancing your skills. This belief stems from a deep understanding of golf biomechanics and learning processes, ensuring that every lesson translates into tangible progress on the course.

Ball Striking - Fat, Thin and Topped Golf shots: Improving how my students strike the ball is at the core of everything I do at EJS Golf Academy. I am always working backwards from impact when analyzing golf shots and ultimately what route I go with the golfer in front of me. My students learn to understand why they hit each golf shot. This is empowerment. You will no longer be like the 99% of golfers out there who either tell theirselves a myth, misdiagnose and/ or believe a feel is real.

Personalized Video Feedback: Post-lesson, each student receives a customized video from me. This video recaps our session, highlighting key points and demonstrating the drills to practice. This reinforces learning and allows students to revisit the lesson's core aspects anytime, accelerating their progress.

Feedback Driven Approach to Improvement: With my drills and practice routines there will always be a check to make sure it is being done correctly. Each student will have video evidence to check against as well as positional. There is never a reason to guess anymore when you are my student.

Rapid Slicer Correction: Slicing is a common issue for many golfers, but my method for fixing this is unmatched in speed and effectiveness. With a blend of technique adjustment and technology, I have honed a system that quickly eradicates this problem, leading to more enjoyable and successful golf rounds.

Efficient Practice Methodology: My philosophy that "15 minutes of practice per day" can lead to incredible results is not just a claim – it's a proven strategy. I teach golfers how to practice efficiently and effectively, ensuring that every minute spent practicing translates into significant improvements on the course.

A Coach’s Coach: My expertise is not just limited to students but extends to other golf instructors. I am the teaching professional that other teachers consult for advancing their students' skills, a testament to my deep understanding and innovative techniques in golf coaching.

Cutting-Edge Technology and Facilities

My teaching bay at McCormick Ranch Golf Club is a state-of-the-art facility, equipped with the latest in golf technology. This includes 3D Dual Force Plates, high-definition 3D video analysis, Trackman for precise ball flight and swing data, and advanced wrist sensors. This technology ensemble is unrivaled in the valley and is a cornerstone of my coaching success. It allows for an incredibly detailed analysis of each golfer's swing, providing insights that go beyond traditional coaching methods.

Tailored Coaching for All Skill Levels

At EJS Golf, I cater to a wide range of golfers. From PGA Tour Professionals to advanced juniors, college athletes, and enthusiastic amateurs, my coaching is adaptable to each student's skill level and goals. The commitment required from my students is manageable yet effective – just 15 minutes of focused practice per day, guided by my feedback-driven approach.

Transformative Results

The results speak for themselves. Students under my tutelage become not just better golfers but also develop a deeper understanding of the game. They achieve more consistency, become excellent ball strikers, and often gain more distance than they thought possible. The eradication of common issues like fat and topped shots is a hallmark of my coaching.

Learn from the Best in Scottsdale

EJS Golf Academy is not just about learning golf; it's about experiencing golf in a new, more effective way. As Scottsdale’s best golf coach, I invite you to visit to learn more about Scottsdale Golf Lessons and Online Golf Lessons. For those who cannot make it to Scottsdale, my online lessons at provide the same level of expertise and personalized coaching.

A Commitment to Your Golf Journey

My commitment to every student is clear: from the very first lesson, you will see improvement. This commitment is backed by a deep understanding of golf theory, mindset, anatomy, physics, and the biomechanics of golf. It's about understanding how we learn as human beings and applying this to golf training.

Join the EJS Golf Army

As you embark on or continue your golf journey, consider the unique advantages of training with a coach dedicated to your immediate improvement, equipped with the best technology, and a proven track record of transforming golfers of all levels. Book Now and ask Coach Erik how you can save on the 2nd lesson you take with him. Don't wait any longer take the first step towards realizing your golfing potential.

At EJS Golf, we believe in making every minute of practice count, in harnessing technology for faster improvement, and in a coaching methodology that brings out the best in every golfer. I look forward to welcoming you to our golfing family and guiding you to becoming the golfer you aspire to be.

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