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How Coach Erik of EJS Golf Changes Lives in Scottsdale, AZ

April 13, 20247 min read

From Slicing to Success with coach Erik at EJS Golf in Scottsdale

At EJS Golf Academy in Scottsdale, Arizona, Coach Erik has the privilege of helping golfers enhance their skills and overcome challenges. In this article, we'll explore a compelling success story of one student who came to Coach Erik struggling with a severe slice. He was sick and tired of watching his golf ball fly from one side of the fairay to the other. After just one hour of focused training, the student's game was revolutionized, and his life took a turn for the better. Does this mean that he has this new motor pattern ingrained into his system yet? Absolutely not. Following my 15 minute per day plan, any golfer can learn to add new motor patterns into their system. Additionally, we'll delve into the causes and negative consequences of an over the top club path, shedding light on the importance of correcting this common swing flaw. Let's dive in and witness the remarkable transformation!

sketch of a golfer with an over the top golf swing

Understanding the Initial Problem:

Upon meeting his student, Coach Erik discovered that the golfer had a swing path that was minus 7 to the left , resulting in a severe slice when coupled with his open club face. An over the top swing path is a common flaw that plagues many amateur golfers. This refers to the club moving outside the target line during the downswing and then coming downward from the outside, resulting in a steep, out-to-in swing path. Studies show that a significant percentage of amateur players have an over the top club path, with the average path angle being around 8.3 degrees outside-in. Furthermore, and at the core of this issue of the path moving left is the issue of the club face being wide open. One way to try to get a more functioning golf shot is to swing over the top with an open club face. This is better than the alternative with an open club face that would start the ball right and have it going more to the right.

Golf Ball Flight Laws

ball flights laws

Negative Consequences of an Over the Top Club Path:

1. Slice: One of the primary consequences of an over the top club path is the dreaded slice. The out-to-in swing path causes the clubface to be open relative to the club path at impact, leading to an excessive spin from left to right for right-handed players. This results in a loss of accuracy, distance, and consistency in shots. According to research, approximately 45% of amateur golfers struggle with slicing the ball due to an over the top club path (2).

2. Inconsistent Ball Striking: The steep angle created by an over the top swing path often leads to inconsistent ball striking. The club can strike the ground before making contact with the ball, resulting in heavy shots, or miss the ball entirely. This inconsistency affects shot control and accuracy, making it difficult to predict the distance and direction of shots.

3. Loss of Power: An over the top club path can also result in a loss of power and distance. The steep angle of attack creates excess spin and reduces the efficiency of energy transfer from the clubhead to the ball. This impact on power generation significantly affects the overall distance covered by shots.

Causes of an Over the Top Club Path:

1. Lack of Body Rotation: Insufficient rotation of the body during the downswing is a common cause of an over the top club path. When the upper body leads the downswing before the lower body rotates, it promotes an outside-in swing path. This is spinning out with a lack of movement towards the right to start the downswing. This is all about pelvis movement. If the pelvis spins out immediately, then the upper body will follow over the top.

2. Poor Hand and Arm Positioning: Improper positioning of the hands and arms during the downswing can contribute to an over the top club path. When the hands and arms extend away from the body, it encourages an out-to-in swing motion. Working on hand depth is a great idea to rid one of this issue.

3. The opening of the pelvis immediately in the downswing. So many golfers have seen powerful professionals murdering their golf ball and tying that power to the hips, pelvis, clearing out of the way. The truth is, women's hips move faster than mens in general.

Remember though what is at the core of the slice, an open club face to the club path in the end is what causes the golf ball to slice. So, the compensation made is the over the top golf swing. The golfer believes they are helping out by doing this. Little do they know that they are setting themselves up for a life of slicing misery!

Correcting the Over the Top Club Path:

Coach Erik's Approach:

Coach Erik began his lesson with a comprehensive analysis of the student's swing using the advanced Trackman technology. By carefully examining the data, he identified the key areas that required improvement to rectify the slice and enhance the student's overall performance.

Step-by-Step Progress:

1. Understanding Swing Mechanics: Coach Erik educated the student about the fundamentals of the golf swing, explaining how the club path affected ball flight and the importance of a neutral swing path conducive to desired results.

2. Addressing the Slice: Through extensive drills and practical exercises, Coach Erik focused on correcting the negative path that caused the student's slice. By implementing effective swing adjustments, he helped the student develop a more neutral swing path, minimizing the slicing effect.

3. Enhancing Angle of Attack: Understanding the negative consequences of a steep angle of attack, Coach Erik worked on optimizing the student's angle of attack to be more shallow. Adjustments in his stance, posture, and swing mechanics led to a more desirable upward strike on the ball.

4. Perfecting Low Point: Coach Erik emphasized the significance of proper weight shift and body rotation to achieve a consistent low point in front of the ball. Through various drills and exercises, the student gained control over his low point, resulting in improved ball striking and more accurate shots.

In less than an hour of focused training, the student's hard work began to pay off. Witnessing the gradual changes in his swing mechanics, Coach Erik helped him achieve a positive 3 club path, eliminating the previous slicing motion entirely. The transformation was astounding!

Witnessing the transformation of his student's club path was not only immensely gratifying for Coach Erik, but it also exemplified the power of dedicated coaching and the potential of every golfer to improve. At EJS Golf in Scottsdale, Arizona, Coach Erik continues to change lives by imparting his expertise and passion for the game, helping golfers achieve their goals and reach their fullest potential. So, if you're ready to take your game to new heights, come and experience the transformative coaching at EJS Golf. Get ready to slice past your limitations and tee off towards success!

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Q: How long did it take for the student to see significant improvement?

A: Remarkably, in less than an hour of dedicated training and coaching brought about an incredible turnaround for the student. However, continued practice and refinement are essential to maintaining the progress achieved.

Q: Did the improved club path affect the distance of the student's shots?

A: Absolutely! By eliminating the slice and achieving a more neutral club path, the student not only gained precision and accuracy but also experienced significant improvements in the distance covered by his shots.

Q: How did this transformation affect the student's game and life?

A: The improvement in the student's game had a profound impact on his confidence and overall enjoyment of golf. It served as a catalyst for positive changes in his life, improving his mental well-being and leading to greater success both on and off the golf course.

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