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Mastering the Art of Golf with Coach Erik Schjolberg

Welcome to my blog at EJS Golf Academy, the premier destination for mastering the art of golf. Here at our Scottsdale location, at McCormick Ranch Golf Club, every golfer who steps into my world-class teaching bay discovers a pathway to enhance their game. My name is Coach Erik Schjolberg, and I am committed to transforming your golf skills through a combination of cutting-edge technology and personalized coaching techniques.

At EJS Golf, we understand that every golfer's journey is unique. Whether you are a PGA Tour professional, a college athlete, a developing junior, or a weekend enthusiast, our blog is designed to provide you with insights and strategies to improve your game. Our posts are not just about golf; they are about becoming a better player through deliberate practice and scientific understanding of golf mechanics.

What You Can Expect from Our Blog

1. Expert Insights on Swing Mechanics:

With over 25 years of experience as a PGA Professional Golf Instructor, I delve deep into the nuances of golf swing mechanics. My articles break down complex theories into understandable concepts, focusing on ground reaction forces (GRFs), biomechanics, and efficient energy transfer.

2. Advanced Technological Guidance:

Our academy is equipped with state-of-the-art tools like the Trackman 4 Launch Monitor, 3D Pressure Plates, and Hackmotion, among others. On the blog, I share how to leverage these technologies to gain precise feedback on your swing, helping you make informed adjustments and see measurable improvements.

3. Tailored Practice Routines:

My philosophy is built on the belief that improvement should be evident from the first lesson. I advocate a '15 minutes per day' practice model, designed to fit into your busy schedule while ensuring consistent progress. Each blog post aims to offer practice drills and routines that are easy to implement and effective in refining your skills.

4. Real Success Stories:

Read about the experiences of those who have trained at EJS Golf Academy. These testimonials not only inspire but also illustrate the practical application of our teaching methodologies and the real results achieved.

5. Interactive Learning:

We occasionally feature video tutorials and interactive content that allows you to visually grasp techniques and corrections. This blended approach helps reinforce learning and allows you to engage with the content actively.

How Our Blog Helps Golfers Get Better

Every post is crafted with the intent to educate. We cover everything from basic fundamentals to advanced techniques, ensuring there's something valuable for every skill level. By presenting data and evidence-backed strategies, our blog demystifies the 'why' and 'how' behind effective golf training. This analytical approach empowers you to make smarter decisions about your practice and play. We understand that generic advice does not suit everyone. Our blog posts are designed to help you identify your own needs and adapt our techniques accordingly. Whether it’s adjusting your grip, stance, or swing path, you’ll find personalized tips that resonate with your specific challenges. Beyond just reading, our blog serves as a community hub where you can interact with fellow golfers and share your experiences. This supportive environment encourages learning and improvement through collective wisdom.

Join Us on Your Path to Mastery

Whether you’re looking to refine your swing, understand the biomechanics of your body, or simply get more enjoyment out of the game, our blog at EJS Golf Academy is your go-to resource. Bookmark our page, subscribe to updates, and start transforming your game today.

Remember, at EJS Golf, we don’t just teach golf; we craft master golfers. Let’s begin this journey together. Visit us at EJSGolf.com to learn more about our programs and start your training online or at our Scottsdale location. Let’s make every swing count!

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Finding & Learning Your Swing: Golf Lessons in Scottsdale

June 23, 202411 min read

Finding and Learning Your Swing: Junior Golf Lessons in Scottsdale with Coach Erik

Stepping onto Scottsdale's golf courses, young enthusiasts seek to refine their swings and enhance their understanding of how to hit the golf ball like they may see others do. At EJS Golf Academy, athletes find more than just instruction; they enter a domain where they feel comfortable and eventually at home. Hi, I am coach Erik. I take the responsibility of training your junior as if it were my own. I want kids to have a chance and I know how hard parents work to bring them to someone like me.

"About Coach Erik" isn't just a biography—it's a testament to a dedication that transforms novices into skilled players with a deep respect for the game. Keen to elevate your game? Book Now and witness the metamorphosis from enthusiastic learner to confident golfer. In this article, we'll reveal how the specialized approach at EJS Golf could shape the future of your junior champion.

Junior Golfer contemplating in a cart

Discovering Scottsdale's Top Junior Golf Lessons

My journey into the heart of Scottsdale's junior golf arena introduced me to a name that virtually every aspiring young golfer and their parents whispered with a mix of respect and aspiration: Coach Erik. Renowned for my knack for nurturing young talent, I stand out in the vivid tapestry of golf instruction.

What makes me, Coach Erik from EJS Golf, exceptional is not just the depth of my knowledge about the perfect golf swing or my meticulous choice of golf equipment but my ability to instill a love for the game that's as vast as the greens themselves. As someone who's witnessed my methods first-hand, I affirm that if your child dreams of transcending high school golf and perhaps joining the ranks of LPGA or PGA greats, learning from Coach Erik isn't just an option; it's a necessary chapter in their golfing story. Book Now.

Explore Why Coach Erik is Known as One of the Best with Juniors

One stroke at a time, my reputation has been meticulously sculpted, not through flashy advertising but through the genuine successes of my junior protégés. Stepping onto the tee beside me, young golfers hone their swings with an artistry that melds both power and finesse—a testament to my skill in ironing out the tiniest of imperfections in their games. My exceptional rapport with juniors stems from a shared goal; not just to master the game but to nurture a lifelong passion for it.

My approach goes beyond the conventional swing analysis, focusing on holistic development where each student is guided to discover their unique style and strength on the golf course.

Junior golfer at a cammp

Understanding Why You Need Coach Erik if Your Child Has Aspirations to Play Beyond High School

When ambitions stretch beyond local high school leagues and toward the manicured fairways where legends are made, my tutelage becomes indispensable for any junior golfer. With my detailed understanding of each golf club's potential in a young athlete's hands, I refine their natural talents to regularly hit under par. For those frosty days when outdoor practice isn’t plausible, my indoor golf facilities offer a continuous learning environment. This means no setback in progress and no surprise fees—just uninterrupted dedication to the sport, ensuring that every young aspirant is always ready to take their swing to the next level.

One-on-One Junior Golf Lessons in Scottsdale

Entering the realm of individualized coaching, it's clear that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work when nurturing the next generation of golf talent. My own approach emphasizes tailoring instruction to each young athlete's needs, ensuring their journey from the first tee isn't just about hitting the ball, but about understanding its subtle dance on the fairways and greens. As I guide them towards their goals, be it a local tournament victory or mastering the fun challenges of miniature golf, I closely monitor their progress.

Tailoring Instruction to Each Young Athlete's Needs

Transparency in my approach ensures accessibility doesn't become an obstacle on the path to personalized golf instruction. Recognizing that each student arrives with their own set of aspirations and needs, my strategy adapts to accommodate varied learning styles and, importantly, the pace at which each student is comfortable progressing. As a mentor, I pride myself on constructing a game plan that fits like a glove, unique to the individual. Whether my student's swing requires minor tweaks or a more substantial overhaul, I focus on creating a dynamic learning environment that respects their specific developmental necessities, assuring access to tailored guidance that is both precise and personal.

Tracking Progress with Personalized Coaching Plans

My journey with each student is defined by the milestones we set together and the regular assessments that chart their ascent through the ranks of junior golf. These tailored coaching plans are much more than mere blueprints; they are living documents that evolve with the golfer, adapting to the bends and slopes of their developing skills. Utilizing cutting-edge analytics, I'm able to offer my students quantifiable feedback that highlights not just where they are, but how far they've come. This data-driven approach affords us the clarity to fine-tune their training regimen, ensuring that their swing doesn't just improve, it flourishes to meet the demands of competitive play.

The Role of Technology in Junior Golf Training

In the heart of Scottsdale's junior golf training, technology plays a pivotal role. My focus has always been to integrate the latest high-tech simulators and analysis tools seamlessly into my coaching. These state-of-the-art devices are more than just gadgets—they're an extension of my instructional ethos, revealing nuances in swing mechanics that might otherwise go unnoticed. Moreover, they provide a treasure of swing data for both my students and me, enlightening our path towards improved learning and mastery of the game. Embracing this digital approach, I ensure that every student receives sophisticated insight that feeds into their personalized development plan.

Junior golfer practicing indoors

Utilizing High-Tech Simulators and Analysis Tools

My sessions often unfold within the digital embrace of high-tech simulators that provide an immersive experience, replicating any course condition we might encounter. This advanced technology allows my students to practice their swings with an array of virtual scenarios, honing their skills in a controlled, yet dynamic, environment. Analysis tools play a critical role in dissecting each swing, offering us detailed feedback that is imperative for improvement. By leveraging these sophisticated aids, we're able to break down the biomechanics of a student's swing, provide real-time corrections, and track their progress with incredible precision.

Access to Swing Data for Improved Learning

In analyzing swing data, I afford my students an unparalleled view into their performance. This detailed feedback facilitates tangible improvements as we transform raw data into actionable insights, essentially decoding each swing's story. Utilizing this information, I empower my pupils to recognize and understand the biomechanical elements of their swings. We incorporate this understanding into our sessions, adjusting techniques and strategies in real time to foster continuous growth and progress.

Success Stories from Scottsdale's Junior Golf Scene

Nothing speaks to the efficacy of a coaching program quite so eloquently as the achievements and the voices of those who have experienced its impacts firsthand. In the thriving junior golf community of Scottsdale, the success of young golfers stands as a shining affirmation of the transformation that comes from expert guidance. I've had the privilege of seeing the elation in a child's eyes when they strike the ball true, and the swell of pride from parents when they recount tales of newfound confidence and camaraderie fostered on the green. These stories not only warm my heart; they serve as a beacon to others seeking the same path of growth and excellence in the game.

Junior Golfer Celebrating win

Testimonials from Young Golfers and Their Parents

The glowing endorsements from my students and their families often highlight the personal triumphs achieved through our golf lessons. They speak of the self-assurance and prowess manifested on the course, recounting moments where a particularly challenging shot was mastered or a tournament was triumphantly clinched thanks to skills honed under my guidance. Parents frequently express their gratitude for the supportive and enriching environment fostered during our sessions, noting the positive changes not only in their children's technical abilities but also in their demeanor and approach to challenges both on and off the golf course. Their words validate the effective blend of patience, expertise, and motivational coaching that's central to my teaching philosophy.

How Lessons Have Transformed Their Game and Confidence

The impact of focused coaching on a young golfer's game is profound; their posture aligns, grip steadies, and their swing arcs with consistency. With each lesson, I observe their strikes becoming crisper, their stance more assertive – a reflection of growing self-assurance as their understanding of the game deepens. Confidence on the course transcends into other areas of a young athlete's life, a truth I've witnessed time and again. The triumphs and perseverance in golf nurture a resilience that shapes their character, preparing them to meet life's challenges with the same determination they show in every round they play.

More Success Stories from Scottsdale's Junior Golf Scene

Jameson Wallace: From Rookie to Prodigy

Jameson Wallace's journey is a testament to the transformative power of dedicated coaching. When Jameson first walked into EJS Golf Academy, he was a promising but unrefined talent. His swing was powerful but inconsistent, and his confidence wavered in competitive settings. Through personalized coaching sessions, we focused on honing his swing mechanics, improving his mental game, and instilling a rigorous practice routine.

Today, Jameson is a teenage prodigy, known for his rhythmic swing and strategic acumen on the course. His breakthrough came when he clinched his first junior championship title at the age of twelve. Since then, he has consistently outperformed his peers, often being the first to arrive at the practice range and the last to leave. His dedication and our meticulous coaching have propelled him to the forefront of junior golf in Scottsdale.

Sophia Torres: Overcoming Adversity

Sophia Torres's story is one of resilience and determination. At just fifteen, she boasts a trophy cabinet rivaling those of golfers twice her age. When Sophia first came to EJS Golf, she was recovering from a significant injury that had set her back physically and mentally. Together, we crafted a recovery and training plan that not only rehabilitated her injury but also strengthened her overall game.

Sophia's power and precision, especially in her drives, have become her trademarks. She approaches the game with the strategic insight of a seasoned player, dissecting courses with the precision of a chess master. Her comeback has been nothing short of inspirational, and she continues to excel, demonstrating the incredible growth that dedicated coaching can facilitate.

Max Chen: Building a Champion's Mindset

Max Chen's transformation under my guidance exemplifies the importance of mental toughness in golf. When Max joined EJS Golf Academy, his technical skills were evident, but his performance under pressure was inconsistent. We worked on building his mental resilience, using a combination of high-pressure practice scenarios and mindfulness techniques.

Max's progress was swift and remarkable. He began to thrive in competitive environments, winning several local tournaments and earning a reputation as a clutch performer. His newfound confidence has not only elevated his game but also positively impacted his academic and personal life, showcasing the holistic benefits of tailored golf coaching.

Ella Martinez: Discovering Potential

Ella Martinez's journey with Coach Erik began when her parents recognized her potential but didn't know how to nurture it. At EJS Golf, we embarked on a journey of discovery, exploring Ella's strengths and addressing her weaknesses. Her initial struggle was with consistency and course management.

Through dedicated sessions focusing on technique refinement and strategic play, Ella's game improved dramatically. She went from an enthusiastic beginner to a formidable competitor, regularly placing in the top tiers of junior tournaments. Ella's story is a prime example of how personalized coaching can unlock a young golfer's true potential.

Contact and Begin Your Journey

The success stories of Scottsdale's junior golf scene underscore the transformative power of dedicated mentoring. Through expert training, each young golfer learns to master and trust their unique swing, paving the way for success in tournaments and beyond. Ready to start your journey? Contact us today and take the first step towards transforming your game.

My name is Erik Schjolberg, and most people call me Coach Erik. I have been teaching golf for over 25 years in Scottsdale, AZ, at my academy called EJS Golf. I coach PGA Tour Professionals, advanced juniors, college golfers, and others willing to commit to daily practice for about 15 minutes per day using assigned feedback. For more details, check out my blog, webpage, YouTube, etc. and explore how my coaching can make a difference in your junior golfer's journey.

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Are you lost at times on the golf course or the driving range and just don’t know how to correct your slice, hitting it fat, topping the ball, etc.? What if you had a plan, maybe even on a notecard in your golf bag as many of my student do, that is your simple blueprint towards your desired shot? This isn’t a pie in the sky dream. These are the tools I want to give you so that your athletic ability, mobility, strength, etc. are working as one for you! I will liberate you from those thoughts of where your body parts should be during the golf swing. In turn, you will give yourself the chance to self organize and focus on either some external cue I will develop with you or just being in the flow state. In my system you will no longer be subject to golf myths, swing tips of the day, guessing, etc. ​

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