What is Shaft Lean

What is Shaft Lean and How You Can Get It!

by Coach Erik Schjolberg

Why Golfers Need Shaft Lean: Unlocking Consistency and Power in Your Swing

The Importance of Shaft Lean in Golf

Shaft lean is a critical component of an effective golf swing, yet it’s often misunderstood or overlooked by many golfers. Achieving proper shaft lean can drastically improve your ball striking, consistency, and overall performance on the course. To understand why golfers need shaft lean, it's essential to delve into what it is, how it impacts your swing, and the benefits it brings. This is what you will find in my blog series on Shaft Lean!

What is Shaft Lean?

Shaft lean refers to the angle of the golf club’s shaft at the moment of impact. When a golfer achieves proper shaft lean, the hands are ahead of the clubhead, with the shaft leaning towards the target. This position is crucial for ensuring that the clubface strikes the ball with a descending blow, leading to better compression, control, and distance.

How Shaft Lean Impacts Your Swing

1. Ball Striking: Proper shaft lean ensures that the clubface contacts the ball with a descending blow. This downward strike compresses the ball against the clubface, resulting in a more solid and powerful shot. Without proper shaft lean, golfers often struggle with thin or fat shots, leading to inconsistent performance.

2. Spin and Control: Shaft lean influences the amount of spin imparted on the ball. A forward shaft lean at impact increases backspin, which helps control the ball’s flight and landing. This is particularly important for approach shots, where stopping the ball quickly on the green can be the difference between a birdie and a bogey.

3. Distance: By compressing the ball more effectively, proper shaft lean allows golfers to transfer more energy into the shot, resulting in greater distance. This is especially beneficial for longer clubs, where maximizing distance without sacrificing control is key.

4. Consistency: Achieving and maintaining proper shaft lean leads to a more repeatable and reliable swing. Consistency is the hallmark of a good golfer, and shaft lean plays a pivotal role in ensuring that each shot is struck solidly and predictably.

The Benefits of Proper Shaft Lean

1. Improved Accuracy:Proper shaft lean helps ensure that the club face is square to the target at impact, leading to straighter shots. This accuracy is crucial for navigating challenging course layouts and avoiding hazards.

2. Enhanced Ball Flight:With the correct shaft lean, golfers can achieve a more controlled and penetrating ball flight. This is particularly advantageous in windy conditions, where keeping the ball low and stable is essential.

3. Greater Confidence: Knowing that you have the technique to strike the ball solidly and consistently builds confidence. This mental edge is invaluable, allowing you to focus more on strategy and less on swing mechanics during your round.

4. Versatility:Proper shaft lean enables you to execute a variety of shots with different clubs. Whether you’re hitting a driver off the tee or a delicate chip around the green, maintaining the correct shaft lean helps you adapt to various situations on the course.

Old Wives Tales

Golf is a sport riddled with Old Wives Tales that have permeated the game for generations, making it difficult for golfers to discern truth from fiction. These myths, often passed down without scrutiny, have taken root so deeply that they overshadow evidence-based techniques. For instance, one common misconception is the belief that "keeping your head down" will improve your swing. In reality, this advice can lead to tension and restricted movement, ultimately harming a golfer’s performance. Another prevalent myth is the notion that swinging harder translates not hitting the ball so well. Many have heard we need to slow it down when there has been a poor strike. This flawed advice overlooks the importance of technique, timing, and body mechanics, which are crucial. Or, that we need a certain amount of shaft lean. You will read in here that shaft lean percentage changes quite dramatically from golfer to golfer and throughout the golf bag.

What You Will Find in this Blog

In the upcoming 30-part series on shaft lean, I will delve into the intricate details and mechanics behind achieving the perfect shaft lean in your golf swing. Each post will meticulously break down various aspects of shaft lean, from its fundamental principles to advanced techniques for optimizing your ball striking. Expect comprehensive analyses, supported by data and real-world examples, illustrating how proper shaft lean can dramatically improve your swing efficiency, power, and accuracy.

Throughout this series, I will also provide actionable insights and step-by-step drills tailored to golfers of all skill levels. You will learn how to diagnose common faults, make necessary adjustments, and develop a consistent practice routine to master shaft lean. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned golfer, this series will equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to conquer shaft lean and elevate your game to new heights.

You can have SHAFT LEAN!

Through regular practice, professional guidance, and utilizing these resources, golfers can master shaft lean and achieve their golfing goals. So, read on and become a master at shaft lean with proper understanding!

- Erik Schjolberg, EJS Golf

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